How To Earn Ark Keys – Defiance 2050


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  1. Which chests are best, by color? And HOW do you do daily contracts? I only use map for "!" places that have quests. Is there a way for me to go to the quest area from contract info. Not sure how. I'm just trying to do ARKfalls to see if I gain points or whatever…I've already reached 50 lvl and completed my main line missions…

  2. I’m doing main story missions and I’ve only gotten 1 key I’m ego level 12 is there a problem?

  3. I just wanted to no how i sale or have mass break down on my inventory granades weapon sheilds

  4. You should mention you can only accumulate 5 keys. If you earn another when at max, it is wasted so people will have to spend keys way before reaching power lvl 1500-2000 like you mention.

  5. Well that was a refresher. I knew I wasted an arkfall key on randomly opening an arkfall chest as a low level.

  6. So you can only hold 5 ark keys? I saw you can increase it by buying an extra slot but do you lose the keys if you don’t use them yet?

  7. I'm EGO level 30 and got like 945 power level cause this one rifle I got from Nolan has high critical damage and just shreds enemies. I just need a weapon as accurate and powerful.

  8. So, if I'm currently doing quests in the second zone (after mount tam), should I have arc keys already? I've only gotten one key so far and I've completed all the mount tam quests as well as all the explorations for the AR.

  9. Thanks for info. I play solo and don't ask on world chat so thanks dude. Btw I play on PC with 200mb fibre optic Internet with good online manager to bar traffic while gaming and I still lag like mofo. It is definitely Tritons server suppliers issues.

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