How to Earn Platinum in Warframe 2018


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Here’s my guide on how To earn platinum in Warframe 2018! I’ve outlined some basic stuff down below. Feel free to read through it or watch the video.

Reach Mastery Rank 2 to enable trading with other players
Each master rank allows for an additional trade each day
Join a clan or have the other person invite to the trade in the meantime
Need something to sell
Sell duplicate rare mods that are in demand
Get relics, preferably ones with high in demand items like popular warframes or weapons
Relic refining
Once you’ve identified a relic with a popular warframe/weapon, google the weapon and find all of the relics needed for it or just the ones with the rarest parts
Start collecting common parts and regular parts by doing intact runs that also give additional relics, excavation missions are especially good for this
Once you have void traces, make the specific relics with the best warframes/parts into radiant relics
Go to the recruitment channel and find other people looking to run that same relic in a radient share cell
You’re far more likely to get the rare part this way
Rinse and repeat until you get the rare and common parts and then sell the weapon as a set
Where to sell
Two main options: and the trading channel
If the thing you’re selling is very popular, just use the trading channel as it will sell quickly
If your thing is more niche, then you’ll want to setup an account and list it on the


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  1. I've been putting in hours into this game the last few days, new player. Maybe I miss something but how do you get the refinements to refine those? Do you not use one of them during the missions to open them, in order to collect the refinements?

  2. Great job on the video but try to explain more in depth because i see a lot of people still with questions because its pretty hard to understand at first.
    Hope you keep playing warframe and enjoy the game.

  3. I’ve watched 5 videos and this is basically the only way to get platinum. You basically may as well just go ahead and buy it from the store because this is just a waste of time for small amounts of platinum

  4. Hey Gizmo I really wanted to tell you thank you for making videos I also wanted and iPhone 10 which I saw in your Oobleck versus egg video and I really hope that I can win because I already see that it's 7,000 people in the competition

  5. None of these videos are helpful helpful to new players. Which is why so many quit. I myself am thinking of quitting

  6. please pick the iphone x winner as me because my son birthday is coming up and its on july 6 and he only sees your videos

  7. I was watching the video until I got a message from Twitter saying my password might've gotten out so I had to go change it 😣

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