How to Earn Swagbucks 2014! (Free Giftcards)

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    when you sign up. It would be much appreciated!!!

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  3. Omg so your saying if u give up my whole day using swag bucks I can get 500
    swag buck?!? Holy shit that’s almost 5 dollars PayPal 

  4. Hello. If you don’t want to watch the whole vid, you can simply skip it
    when its done loading, and some of the ads will let u skip them my pressing
    the arrow or what ever you have. 

  5. Girl, you did a nice video, but what i don’t understand is that you spent
    almost probably an hour for 20 or so swagbucks, which is like 0,01 cents,
    If i needed some real money, I would ask relatives and close people to help
    in simple tasks like gardening, taking care of their pets or their kids.
    How is possible for you to earn up to 100$ dollars if you need ages to get
    100 sb.
    Hope for your answer.

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