How To Edit Player Stats Per Level on your Ark Survival Evolved Server | Ark Tutorial ninjakiller560


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This guide will teach you how you can edit Player stats per level, allowing you to get your desired stat increase per player level. You will also learn what the default stat boost to aid you in adjusting your player stats on your Ark Survival Evolved Server.

📌Time Stamps
Understanding the base stat increase per level up 0:13
Expert mode Stat Change guide 0:37
Engine settings stat change guide 1:25
Console/steam players singleplayer and non-dedicated sessions guide 2:10

📌Server codes

📌Nitrado Expert mode game ini player stat increase code

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Translated titles:
Cómo editar estadísticas de jugador por nivel en tu servidor Ark Survival Evolved | Ark Tutorial n

So bearbeiten Sie die Spielerstatistiken pro Level auf Ihrem Ark Survival Evolved Server | Ark Tutor

Comment modifier les statistiques des joueurs par niveau sur votre serveur Ark Survival Evolved | Tu

Spelerstatistieken per niveau bewerken op uw Ark Survival Evolved Server | Ark zelfstudie ninjakille


  1. you are beautiful sir. your videos are seriously helping me a lot over here lmao i was crazy confused.

  2. When I try and do this, it never works for me. I’ve tried everything and it has worked when I’ve tried previous to now, but it’s just stopped working

  3. Hey man first of all Thanks for that awesome tutorial ! nice information shortly packt perfektly made !
    just a little question i first added all the changes and then by accident activated the expert mode….. how do i undo the expert mode and it doesnt look as if the changes i made without the mode is in the game.ini

    and also can you make a video on how to get your server to acctually show up on the inoffical server list ? would be awesome cause mine doesnt XD i still can join via direkt connection over steam but there will never be anyone new to the server….

    anyways great video and i will leave my subscribe man ! cya

  4. Love the vids and in depth explanations! Can you make a vid showing how to work on baby raising?? My sever it's like 24 imps 3 mintues apart to get 100% on a giga. I would like the imp intervals to be like 30 seconds apart and way less lol

  5. Thank you for all toturials you made they are very help full and i used them many Times. Can you make a toturial how to make extinction, aberration dinos spawn on ragnarok?

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