How to enable Dragon Warrior mode in Dragon Quest 8


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  1. I love how the town is completely depopulated. I wonder if we can assume that this indicates they chose to populate the town later in the development cycle after the first part of the story was done? I can't see any reason to arbitrarily deactivate the NPCs beforehand, since the story mode portion isn't using them in any way resource-wise.

  2. oh and not Dragon Warrior, you mean Dragon Quest 1 😛
    OH, and even if you progressed in this glitch mode, wouldn't the other characters join you whether you liked it or not?

  3. LOL!! no way….so…the menu glitch basically pushes you out of the very beginning?….or are u the one moving in that direction? And even if I wanted to do this crazy thing, how would I survive? lol…is there any one player glitch playthroughs on here I could watch? I guess that would help….

  4. what the hell, I've been tying for an hour now and I can't get it to work, my inputs are simply too slow. any tips on input timing and execution in general +BayouBillyBones?

  5. After hours of trying, I finally did it! Luckily I did it on an emulator, so I did a save-state right outside of the bridge. >:)

  6. So…. What exactly does this do? Makes the localization use old Enix NA names? Allow you to explore the first areas without following the storyline? #confused

  7. Awesome glitch! In order for the glitch to work, do you have to try to move forward as you cycle through the menu?

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