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Today I wanted to take a moment to discuss god mode in Ark: Survival Evolved for Xbox One. God mode can be very useful when attempting to survive a particularly dangerous moment. It can also help you survive epic falls in the Ark universe. However, it is important to remember that even when you are a god, you must still have access to food, water, and oxygen. Basically, god mode keeps you from taking physical damage from dinos and falls. You can take damage from drowning, starving, or not being hydrated enough. In order to enable god mode, go into your admin console command box and type in the following code:

admincheat god

Once enabled, you should be able to survive most physical attacks in the game. If you want to disable god mode, you simply have to reapply the code and it will take off the effects of god mode.

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  1. everyone says it doesn’t work It is because you probably DISABLE IT put the code in again after you see you take damage and you will be in god mode

  2. Worst vid ever lost all my Dino’s because it didn’t work, u suck so bad!

    I’m never watching any vids by u agian

  3. Thanks this helps me alot since all i want to do is build and not get attacked by enemies

  4. Nothing happens when i press A button on Admin command? Do i need to enable something forst or?

  5. It worked on the third try. But it only preventing damage by fall and animal. You still need to eat, drink, and still get get over encumbered

  6. Stop responding to the trolls saying it doesnt work. They arent even concerned about the game. They just want your reaction. Put them on your ignore list and carry on (metaphorically speaking)

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