How to Farm Infinite Tier Points in GHOST RECON WILDLANDS – No Glitch, No Cheats, No Exploits


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How to Farm Infinite Tier Points in GHOST RECON WILDLANDS – No Glitch, No Cheats, No Exploitswas extracted from


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  1. LOL. Hopefully people aren't trash players where they can't even play the game and have to find a place to hide and shoot Helecopters for virtually no tier points. Not worth it. Find a better place to farm. Do the Missions over. Peruvian connection, Espiritu santo, ect.. whats the use doing a dumb ass low tier point farm when you could be playing the game Making alot more tier points? Dont be losers kids, Just play the game.

  2. I drove out to the salt flat, near a small SB compound, near the road, I start firing on the SB in their camp, and they see me, and then the fun start. They send around 2 vehicles per 15 seconds, which I one shot with the new hti, and I just continue to do that

  3. I found this but I had no way to show it I am sure it was not just you it a great place to raise you teir

  4. People can never just do things the way it's designed. mother fuckers always have to find the easy, lazy ass way to get ahead…Fuck this video and all the others like it…Ghost TF Up! Cheaters

  5. Not trying to screw over your video or anything man but once you've killed enough unidad they stop coming

  6. My farm is the base in the same area but with the tunnel that is connected to another base. I kill all 2 snipers and one guy outside patrolling. Then hit 3 guys near the road side of the base. Then I go down the mountain by the attack helicopter (cobra) and kill the 4 unidad and then sit at the ammo box and just grenade launch the vehicles in the tunnel or land the cobra in front of the tunnel and spam rockets. And the bonus points keep going. Another one is I do unidad conspiracy with a partner who doesn't have it and when we die and start the mission again it will give half points but if we switch game hosts it's max points from missions 1-3 each time. Some i exploits I wanted to post because I stumbled on them on accident when I died repeating a mission for half of what it was worth because it was a easy boss kill mission it reset to max points when you do the mission a second time and kill yourself on accident.

  7. I noticed a glitch that choppers fly over and guys drop out from the chopper and start getting in.

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