How to Find activation key of any program for FREE


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  2. Don't be fooled, this method only works for some programs, not ALL programs. For example Adobe uses a file called AMTLib.dll to register it's Adobe products and the key inside the file is heavily encrypted so using UniExtract will not work. Also programs like WinRAR use a separate registry file, which is not a straight forward text file, so cut & pasting the key is not an option. UniExtract will probably work on some of the older, cheaper softwares but for the expensive software from Corel, Adobe, Microsoft and others I would not waste my time using this method. I assure you it does not work. So please do not make a statement like "How to Find activation key of any program for FREE". Your statement should be "HOW to activate some software for FREE".

  3. i would not install this with admin privileres …that would give it the power to install all manner of spyware

  4. I followed the steps but can't find the key …the program is plumbytes anti-malware version ……….please can you help ?

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