How To Fix BLT Not Working In PAYDAY 2 ►Working► *100%* ►With Proof►


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Today I will Show You How To Fix BLT Not Working In Payday ►Working► *100%* ►With Proof►
So Watch This Video Till End
[Warning: Don’t Skip If You Want To Get BLT Working For Your Payday 2]


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  1. INFAMOUS GAMING, i have an problem…when i launch the payday2.exe it throws the next message "Steam must be running to launch this game", any ideas on how to fix it?

  2. Hey you have pirate perfection and wolfhud, how do you get both to work and play the game without crashing?

  3. Any trainer or mods wont work but the retexture is the only one that worked is there a reason for this? I installed it all correctly but the thing that pops up when you start the game the update popup it doesnt show, I tried UAC Turned it down, Disable fullscreen optimization, Untick the one compability mode? Wont work wtf.

  4. And 3rd proof I am having

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    It's mine creation and hard work so don't believe that fake YouTuber.

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  6. Hello guys I had research upon these, And I get results that if you are having steam might this won't work, if your game is no-steam so for them this method is working for 💯%, in steam I don't know if they are blocking some of your BLT's but for no-steam Payday is all working fine, so sorry for late results bros for steam I will make new video so just wait for 1 or 2 weeks as I am in severe important works, So I will be back soon for steam Payday users,

  7. Hello Guys, Sorry For Deleting that Old video, because of some having issues, So This is Updated Video For How To Fix BLT not working in Latest version of Payday 2 or Any version 😀
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