How to fix CORE KG & K Patcher UPX Problem for macOS Sierra


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How to fix CORE KG & K Patcher UPX Problem for macOS Sierrawas extracted from


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  1. none of the links work its just spam and crap for dayz. find a better way to upload this because this is a good way to get your computer fucked honestly every freaking link I find online is a fake flashplayer install. would be safer to run the old keygens on a vm in parallels using an older copy of osx. I honestly have a hard time downloading something like this from sketchy fucking sites.

  2. Hi friend, do you have a version of winclone pro that works on macOS Sierra?

    I've tried in several sites, but when trying to open the application "This application is damaged and can not be opened"

  3. hey I got a problem I got hitman on my Macbook pro with Sierra and there is some kind of ups problem and it said failed patching is finished please help man!!!!!!

  4. I can't copy and paste the eyepatch from CoreKG to Special K Mac OS contents folder. Any suggestions?

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