How To Fix Revoked TweakBox, Tutuapp, Appvalley Apps! (2019)


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How To Fix Revoked TweakBox, Tutuapp, Appvalley Apps! (2019)
Having trouble installing Instagram++, YouTube++ or any other tweaked apps? Tweaked apps revoked? Then this video is for you. Tweakbox, Tutuapp and Appvalley were having trouble and getting revoked all the time so in this video I show you guys how to fix the issue and fix the UNABLE TO VERIFY APP error. Hope you guys enjoy!

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  1. Every time I try downloading something from any of these apps it starts downloading then stops and says unable to download even when using these tricks

    Why is this and can I fix it

  2. Bruh I downloaded instagram++ from TweakBox and it worked for maybe 12 hours, then stopped for some reason, so I tried every other 3rd party App Store and none of them have worked. Wtf

  3. even 500 dislikes cuz your hints never work sorry 🤷‍♀️.only one that works is mediabox

  4. This comment section filled with bots and people with actually just wanting to hear their music man. Im people. That ‘oMg NeT . HaCk WOrKs’ people here too 🤡 no it don’t

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