How to fix windows 10 activation error: 0xC004F074 (video tutorial)

Filename: windows10activationerror.exe

FileSize: 24 MB

Free windows10activationerror is ready for download

How to fix windows 10 activation error: 0xC004F074 (video tutorial)was extracted from


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  1. I have absolutely no idea how… Can you please tell me how to fix it in a more simple way? I don't know what KMS is.

  2. Finnaly some turtorial which works, subscribed and liked! Dunno why u got 33 dislikes. This is one and only who worked for me! Thanks alot mate!

  3. The virus is trojanDropper:Win32/Kaymundler.c Alert Level Severe Date 8/42016 9:32 PM Action Taken by Windows Defender Quarantined Discription This Program is Dangerous and install other Program.

  4. Hello, could you please send me a Trusted Link to download the 'KMspico' please?since is now down, I don't have anymore trusted Torrent sites…

  5. I wanted to finally activate Windows, so I downloaded KMSpico. Guess what, turns out this program, by itself, installs random applications that are major viruses. Never, people, in no case scenario, do you turn off Windows Defender. 0/10 guide, cheers.

  6. OH MY GOD that big red button, the KMSPico thing honestly seemed like a major virus but I couldn't be happier… I've had this damn problem since I upgraded my PC a year back with the Windows 10 free upgrade from 8.1 but I had thrown out my old PC stuff so I lost the serial key and all that and I didn't want to buy another copy and I kid you not, looks like it's about to delete everything on your computer but does nothing but activate it.

  7. I completed the first method and it gave me the, "Windows has installed the product key successfully" thing or something similar. On update and security it still says windows is not activated, however it displays my product key nonetheless as if it were activated. I'm confused here.
    EDIT: Competed Method 2 after the first, windows is now active, you my friend, are awesome.

  8. Hey people,be carefull from where you download kmspico,use the official site else you might wake up with a nice malware ^^

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