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  1. Why is everything do different then mine mine has ugly habitats and the
    look better then mine.

  2. so for 2013 and todays date, are you saying you cannot get ANY legendary
    dragons with soccer or cool fire??? do I have to buy the 15 million gold
    pure dragon and habitat? and how to I get a 2nd pure dragon? can i just
    combine the regular pure dragon with a Regular flame or terra or water
    ect..??? and do i have to buy the habitat in order to get it? or if i breed
    pure dragon+Terra will i get pure terra no matter what? if not, what
    alternatives will i get? 

  3. When you sneak up from behind to do the buck kill it has to be pointing
    right at the head to work and when I saw this vidieo I had to get the game
    and im from Knox Indiana im a big walking dead fan also and you forgot
    about the guy in the cell block in the jail he wanted some food the food
    was in the pharmacy the cop on the roof wanted batteries and if you would
    have went around and jumped to the next building on the right hand side
    there was a door opened and on the inside was a lader going down and in
    that room there is a zombie laying down waiting and in that helping were
    its at is food and suplies and a trophy also a pipe 

  4. I got pure metal dragon I breed with pure dragon and legendary dragon and
    got it in 1 shot I think by breeding legendary with pure u get random pure

  5. Did you guys see the pure dragon now looks different maybe because I
    trained it pure light idk but it looks so sick

  6. Thanks bro, may be I got pure because I breed 2 crystal dragon and they are
    breeding for 1 and 23 hours. I like your advises because it
    works….Eftekher… add me to watch and help me to play dragon city like
    you.,,have fun

  7. Any time you breed ANY 2 legendary dragons together you get the chance to
    get a pure dragon

  8. Same with me but i am level 17… i am just going to buy terra crystals and
    farm xp that way

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