how to get any Wii U game for free !

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  1. Please have this video removed ASAP – sh*t like this only fuels the promotion of piracy, which is illegal under US and international law (read: copyright protection act, dmca, etc.) Essentially, this video is by nature a criminal act.

  2. This is gonna come in handy because I got the circle pad pro TODAY and I also wanna get Kid Icarus: Uprising so I have something to make use of it… with… Also I want free 3DS games.

  3. +robin nico Omg thanks you i personally already had swagbucks but never used the website on my computer, thanks again

  4. It will take you at least a month to get a $50 Nintendo gift card "for free"… that's way too long, just buy the card

  5. I'm a bit disappointed… (I thought of something WAY DIFFERENT than this Guy. O_o) I thought he was going to Hack (or) do Something to the Eshop, that will make the Price of every Game'sApplication'sEverything to $0.00… But that's the Quicker Method than, Playing swagbuck Games or watching Video's, or EVEN paying for swagbuck Tokens!

  6. Yes lets download games for free and not support the developers of the game! Awesome! Great!

    Myamoto shames you.

  7. wtf? i logged on with my account i use for the wii u, and right after i said 'ok', it said my account has been deactivated D:

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