How To Get “FLAPPY BIRD” After Removal From APP STORE! 100% Legit – Apple & Android

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  1. It’s all working but then when I look on my iPhone 4 device, it says its
    syncing and then it says that sync failed. Please help.

  2. Hey guys if you have a iphone 5/s then it’s not going to work – this video
    is entirely misleading – you can’t download it because the original ipa
    file is not registered to your itunes account so it won’t install!

    Edit: for all those who NEVER downloaded it before its removal!

  3. Android users ; download aptoide (search it on google) after youve
    installed aptoide search for flappy bird and download it . There you go ,
    you now have flappybird

  4. On android when u download the APK go to your device on your PC make a
    folder called APK, drop flappy bird in it go to Ur phone download a file
    explorer from the play store, open the app find the APK folder when u see
    the app click on it and install, this also works with all other paid/free

  5. why would you want to break your necks over a brain dead game anyways?
    seriously there’s a ton of same shit game over the internet but this rip
    off stands out why?

  6. Noooooooo!!! Now the price of phones with Flappy Bird installed is going to
    go down! Lol, but seriously, a man is selling his iPhone with Flappy Bird
    installed with a minimum bid of $650…

  7. if someone you know has flappy birds, log into there apple account, go onto
    purchased ( in updates) and download flappy birds from there. probably the
    easiest way to do it. (apple products only) 

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