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  1. not to be a D but of course your not lagging because ur not in a server ur
    playing single player honestly who lags in single player??

  2. is this the exact as fraps? i use fraps for pc. and love it. not sure if
    you wont get any lag drop at all. just might have a computer that can
    handle it. if you were playing something like bf4 it may show the drop.
    anyways i ask cause on fraps for pc i can set it to buffer. which means i
    can have it record x time prior to recording. so like 10 seconds its
    recording and anything over that it dumps. then when i hit to record it
    will go back 10 seconds and record from that point. great for fps gaming
    when you get that shot. on pc fraps takes up a gig for about 2 min worth
    of recording. another reason buffer comes in handy. 

  3. ace please help me it is not in the app store. im on a macbook pro and i
    cant find it. plz respond. thank you for your time!

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