How To Get Free Gold In W.O.T.!!! – (No Download) World of Tanks – Easy

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  1. what he says is true…there is no download so no scam etc. and if you
    change your password every 30 days i believe you get 300gold. sooo plz dont
    report this gent for scamming and that sort of shit because this is all WG
    Stuff and its organised by wg so plz stop whining about scams

  2. the motherfucking WOT download was too slow and i missed my f****** gift in
    WOT by ONE day!

  3. world of tanks didnt get hacked… it was just an error with all of the
    login database systems websites use…

  4. @SKEP S its not a scam you actually earn gold and not a survey change your
    normal password and get the gold

  5. Tried the changing password thing but it only works once!!!
    So does it mean it happens only once???
    PLS let me know!!

  6. You should clear your throat. It’s irritating listening to you speak. But
    thanks for the video tho, works 🙂 

  7. @ Skep S There was no add nor did he give a link or anything of that
    nature. He Stated simple Facts about gold giveaways and contests. Where the
    Fuck was your head at during this video???

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