How to get FREE RuneScape Membership SIMPLE AND LEGAL [JUNE 2013]

How to get FREE RuneScape Membership SIMPLE AND LEGAL [JUNE 2013]

Here’s the link for the website: This is probably the simplest way to do it! [TAGS] “free runescape membe…
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  1. i have one without survey and better quality adn still working as of 19 june 2013

    ht tp s:// w w w.yout u /watc h?v=V7V RN10 KxFU

  2. why its so hard to play a rs 2007 server for free ever1 hates the new rs thats hwy they bring back te old if they make some servers free more peopel wile play gain and maybe buy member jagex so dumb

  3. i even try one of these before. always few points and can’t find anymore offer to finish. it would be nice if someone give me any member ship. i don’t mind how long. never been a member on runescape before. anyone want to change that?

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  5. Runescape cards is not there at the moment, but i hope they come back soon 🙂 Thanks man

  6. runepins[dot]com/?join=5443
    honestly this works.
    Just took my 5 surveys to fill in – took me 10minutes

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