1. fuck me senseless… another fucking survey….. survey is bullcrap! It’s
    big brown horse crap…! This shit doesn’t work…! People say, just buy
    the gold… well I tried with my visa. It doesn’t work…. I tried with
    paypal doesn’t work…. and I basically tried everything nothing works….

    OMG fucking cunt! Please please please~~~! x1000000! Please tell me how
    this bullshit works…! Someone do it for me….!

  2. Second survey says complete the first 4 pages, i was doing that dumn thing
    for ages and doesnt complete

  3. Tried this, and got sent on a never ending journey of advertisement. I also
    finished both surveys and it said one was incomplete :/

  4. I don’t usually write comments, but hell does this derserve one! Big thanks
    to you for sharing this, I got two 4000 Gold in 10 minutes!

  5. How long have you known bout this?! xD I’ve just been buying World of Tanks
    content for YEARS… Could have saved myself loads of money! Oh well – it
    works for me :p

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