How To Get Free Xbox Live Codes and More

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  1. It takes almost a year to get $60 worth of Microsoft Points. Still an extra game a year tho lol.

  2. Just an announcement/alert. This happened before and went out of control on the old version of this video and it's starting to happen again. There are a lot of spam accounts that come out of nowhere and start posting a bunch of spam links in this comments. DO NOT trust any of those links. Most of them are likely scams or malware. The only official method to get free codes is Bing Rewards and any other methods Microsoft may provide. If you guys could upvote this comment so it stays at the top for people to see, that'd be great! Thanks, stay safe, and enjoy!

  3. I've known about bing rewards for years. I thought everyone did since MS adverted it everywhere.

  4. have you thought about playing with subs I'd like to play a couple war zone games with you and a couple of friends hope it wouldn't be too troublesome.

  5. bro your amazon gift card available ? ,when I wanted redeem but I can't redeem is writ (Temporarily unavailable. We are working to add this back as soon as possible)

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