How To Get Gameplayer On iOS 7

Filename: Gameplayerios.exe

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  1. my phone has been brickd once and once i got gameplayer and igameguardian and i rebooted my device and my cydia wasnt there anymore,so i went into my tongbu app where it said my phone was jailbroken and it said my phone was jailed so gameplayer and igameguardian some how unjailbroke my phone which caused my phone to keep rebooting over and over! and my phone is brickd again!

  2. Dude i pressed install but gameplayer does't come on the screen what do i do? (everything gone smoothly while installing)

  3. GamePlayer looks so much different it is not a Blake background it's white and it's see through! Any help?

  4. Is how u get cydia n guys i preference a android cuz its easier to root no computer and easier to download hacks

  5. If anyone knows a source to get the black game player for iOS 7 not the stupid none working updated one plz let me know 

  6. Guys plz delete other source that you have like insanelyi or biteyourapple or xsellize

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