How To Get Garry’s Mod For FREE On Steam (STEAM CD Key)

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  1. i did the survey download n wen i complete it it said to download a gmod
    notepad file why didnt it give me a code

  2. I did the survey and at the end I had to either join a member I of a group
    or sight up to this other thing and I’m not alowed to do that so don’t try.
    This people it’s a fraud to make you do a survey

  3. Check this, asshole…if people are looking free codes what does that
    means…we dont have or want to spend moneyy on it so you are all a bunch
    of dumbasses that think that we would fall for it…oh, and I didnt even
    watched the video I iust read the comments, and people if the video says
    free code generator it will never going to work, those are stupid programs
    that people make in visual basic or in another place where they can do
    that, trust me search it on you tube, those are used to do phishing and to
    scam people to try to dowload stupid things to take peoples money by survey

  4. yep its fake i did the surveys and all it does is tell you try another one
    so fuck you and your piece of shit videos.

  5. Wow I get the Garrys mod Survey done and it give me a file of some
    playblink and stuff Help can you get me a key and PM me the Key

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