How to Get High Level Dino Spawns Ark Survival Evolved – level 150


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In this Ark Survival Evolved how to video I show you how to get high level dido spawns in single player. You simply change the settings default difficulty level all the way to 1.0 and creatures will now spawn in up to level 150 on the DLC maps and 120 in the Island Map. You may want to increase the speed at which dinos spawn in by clearing them all using console commands. On PC.


It will take several minutes for the map to be repopulated with creatures.

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  1. Ive done this, gone on a few serious killing sprees, and most everything is still spawning in at like lvl 4-30 ive only seen 1 dino over lvl 100 and its been about 40 hrs of gameplay since I set the difficulty to 1.0

  2. ommgg thank u sooo much i have my own server and u constantly saw lvl 15 bronto lvl 45 terrorb sooo bad levels. liked the video, if u didnt do it u should do it 2!

  3. HEY HEY this helped a lot but I heard that Wyverns spawn higher lvl than 150? If that’s true how much higher do they spawn???? Plzzz answer
    I want a high lvl egggg

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