How To Get Past Chatroulette IP Ban

How To Get Past Chatroulette IP Ban

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  1. This unban works perfectly and no downloads required. /watch?v=0KnNJNNHFE8&
    If it does not work for you then leave a dislike.

  2. You can only delete all your web history and thats it…. i arent sure is that working for everybody but i think so..

  3. This is what i get
    Your IP address is no longer paused.

    If you keep getting reported, you can try to eliminate potential reasons for why people might be reporting you, such as:
    Link to a website in your webcam stream or profile
    Bad webcam quality or slow internet connection
    Anything else that may make people think that you are broadcasting inappropriate content

  4. A chatroulette ban may last from 10 to 40 minutes-even hours! but as i said just..even when this ban expires..we’re still banned because of the “flash variable” hidden in our hard drive.. We need to remove this “variable” in order to get back on the site.. :/

  5. This doesn’t work anymore..BUT i appreciate you for trying to help to be honest 🙂 This is what i found out about a chatroulette ban.. Chatroulette does not simply rely on an ip ban — they save a flash variable on your hard drive which serves as an identifier each time you access the site. Even though they remove the ip ban, the variable will still be there redirecting you to the…”ip address banned” page. That’s all i can read from there but i want to know how to remove this “variable” ?

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  7. If you want the hate messages to stop then you should probably remove this video. Until then, everyone keep hating and flag the video as misleading content. Enough flags and he’ll get banned =]

  8. I weren’t! I went on and thats it. WTF man I need a good explanaxtion for this shit! I just went on. Help please?

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