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Here’s my guide on how To earn platinum in Warframe 2019! I’ve outlined some basic stuff down below. Feel free to read through it or watch the video.

Reach Mastery Rank 2 to enable trading with other players
Each master rank allows for an additional trade each day

Join a clan or have the other person invite to the trade in the meantime or just trading in maroo bazaar

Start collecting common parts and regular parts by doing intact runs that also give additional relics, excavation missions are especially good for this

If you want to ask me, just coment down below

Once you have void traces, make the specific relics with the best warframes/parts into radiant relics

Go to the recruitment channel and find other people looking to run that same relic in a radient share cell

You’re far more likely to get the rare part this way

Rinse and repeat until you get the rare and common parts and then sell the weapon as a set

Where to sell

Two main options: and the trading channel

If the thing you’re selling is very popular, just use the trading channel as it will sell quickly like riven but it still s*ck

If your thing is more niche, then you’ll want to setup an account and list it on the

Please watch: “How to Opening Riven shot dargyn pilot berfore hit the ground | warframe vancyfox”



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