How To Get Pokemon Go Joystick Cheat/Hack No Root On ALL Android Devices

Filename: pokemongohackapk.exe

FileSize: 26 MB

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  1. everything work's fine but I can't take anything from the pokestops and the pokemons keeps pops out from the poke ball
    any suggestions?

  2. you dont fucken explain shit right do the whole fucken thing including the downloads lmao confusing me with all kinds of shit in your description ahah

  3. everythint is working for me, but after closing pokemon app my character moves super slow. how do I make it fast again?

  4. Hi! It worked for me for like 15 min. after that I dont know what happened, but the pokestop are staying blue, want give me anything and all the pokemon I've been traying to catch just aren't staying in the pokeball whatever their level are, and they run away in a second. I try to reboot, the app, tha phone, and nothing changed! Can you tell what it's going on?

  5. I installed the .29.0 but it says version does not work correctly lowered, what does that mean?

  6. its work but i change the country and the pokimons running away and the pokestop don't work, how do i fix this? i tried to change the country back and do restart to the phone but it still don't work good, i have galaxy s6 edge, andorid 6.0.1

  7. Whenever I do this it all works until… Pokestops stop working and Pokemon get out of one ball and then run every time. Any Fixes? D:

  8. it actually works for me I have galaxy s7 edge and non root. since you can't root it but it actually works guys… just follow the video instructions

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