How to get rid of Activation notification on Windows 10 and 8

Filename: windows10activatewindowswatermark.exe

FileSize: 23 MB

Free windows10activatewindowswatermark is ready for download

How to get rid of Activation notification on Windows 10 and 8was extracted from


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  1. Really thanks man first time in a while have I found actually helpful info on youtube for something tech related

  2. It worked for one evening and it preventing the OS from updating. After I scanned for virus's the following morning the watermark returned and the PC is now requesting to be activated.Nice try but more work needs to be done.

  3. With this method after second reboot, it shows again, but it still shows itself as disabled in services. If you were to use this version method for a longer time, you would have to reset it to enabled and then disabled every second reboot.


    If you feel cool and gives no fucks about system32 files, you can give yourself ownership of sppsvc.exe in system32, and edit permissions to full control and simply DELETE IT. Do the same for sppsvc.mui and delete it.

    So far i got no errors on my system, boots as normal and also acts as non-activated version, only difference is the watermark is gone :P

  4. I can verify, that this does work. the 'activate windows' message will return, but only after it goes into hibernation. if you reboot… it disappears again. so there seems to be some element of the software protection, that must re-assert itself after returning from a hibernated state. so what we need to do… is find any programs/services that start at hibernation, but not on startup.

  5. DO NOT DO THIS. It will work for a few hours, and then return, also, windows will fail to update, if one is needed, further breaking your OS, make sure the value is set to 2!!

  6. Worked great. But change your description please, spamming keywords is against Youtube TOS and it's annoying to have to scroll past an unnecessary block of text.

  7. hey guys i have a if ur windows isnt genuine ur still able to upgrade to windows 10 from 7? its not a trial version right where ill have to downgrade back?

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