How To Get Rise Of The Tomb Raider (CRACKED) on PC – Full Crack V3

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  1. im not gonna buy this game, its stupid, story lines is bulshit and bad, movement is worst, actors is bulshit, if u play tomb raider 2013. and watch this 2015 on youtube ? u will never play this chit believe me guys … its almost same as survival game, NO, the tomb raider 2013 is the best ever. if u enjoy survival edition! this rise of tomb raider is a joky just because they want money. FUCK RISE OF TOMB RAIDER THEN.

  2. It directly get me to steam page for Rise Of The Tomb Raider please help i am conuzed

  3. this guy and this video is JUST BIG FAKEEEEEEE!!! DLL IS VIRUS AND CRACK IS VIRUS FAKING FAKEEEEE!!! l watching and read 20 time and fucking nothing to found how to install my mom and dad no money for the game fucking bulshit fuckk!!!!!!!!!

    please help how to install this game

  4. I've downloaded the game but I can not find the file (, which you've downloaded in Video, the file is not present on the site right now.
    Can you give me a direct link to the download of this file.
    Thank you anyway

  5. will you post a video of how to get this game for free when the crack is already here in your new channel?

  6. i need help! i download game and also crack but when i click rotter it doesnt show me anything… its not working… what should i do??

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