1. when it finished installing, it says please insert Play Disk, without this
    ” play disk ” I can’t open the game, PLEASE HELP !!!!????

  2. thank youuuuu…i was messing with this for near 2 days and was about to
    delete because i couldnt get it to work because of poor explanation by 3 yr
    olds or poor video quality, what done my head in, as the way i done it the
    1st time was the right way with no help (not bad for a newbie eh?) i just
    wasnt sure about using daemon tools it was confusing, poweriso is much
    easier, thank you for your help…keep up the good work, GAME ON!

  3. It works just fine for me. Only I get stuck in the Rush Hour tutourial,
    where u have to place an avenue to make a bridge. It wont get the last
    piece of the avenue……. Somebody can help me?

  4. I got SimCity completly legal via Steam for 2.50 Euros when they started
    the Summer Sale. It’s really poor to crack a game which is almost for free!

  5. So i downloaded poweriso and the CD2 file im in. And when i try to move it
    to a drive and right click poweriso doesn’t come up in the menu list so i
    cant extract it too the Drive..

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