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  1. Last time when.i try to install sim city 4 and it want disk 2 to be put
    in,the vid shown me the link for disk 2….after copying in it to the
    simcity folder it nearly fucked up my computer with shit vuris….

  2. oops! silly mistake. it got stuck because i didn’t select ‘ok’ on the
    ‘insert disk 2’ dialog. when i was unmounting disk 1, and then mounting
    disk 2, the dialog must of went behind the installer, so i thought that the
    installer found disk two, and is installing. but when i just collapsed all
    the windows to the taskbar, i saw the insert disk 2 dialog. i pressed ok,
    and guess what. what an easy mistake to get (i think). anyway, thanks for
    the video!

  3. Hey killer. Just wanted to say that when im about to copy and paste the
    crack it keeps sayin that i already have that file opened and that i have
    to close it if i wanted to replace the real file for the crack… Now
    wat… plz help me!!

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