How To Get Snapchat++ Tweaks, Spotify++ Freenium! MovieBox For iOS & Android (NO JAILBREAK!)


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Before you guys comment saying “my iPad is Jailbroken” yes it is but this METHOD WILL WORK FOR ALL iOS Devices Running iOS 11.2.5 or Lower WITHOUT A JAILBREAK! I have tested the tweaks on my iPhone running iOS 11.2.5,
To get these Apps & Tweaks for you’re iOS Device open up Safari and Download Tweakbox here and once installed you can check out all the cool hidden hacks & tweaks you can get for Social Media like Downgraded Versions of Snapchat, lately people have been complaining aout the new Update so you can download an Older version of Snapchat via Tweakbox Other features include Disable Screesnhots, Disable so nobody knows you viewed Thwir Snap or DM on Instagram, Increase Snapchat’s 10 second video length Limit to 50 Seconds! even tweaks for Apps, like Spotify+ Premium FREE! and MovieBox, an App where you can browse millions of Movies & TV Shows including New Releases completely FREE! So forget about Netflix!

REMEMBER! After installing any apps or tweaks from Tweakbox you have to Trust the App in order to use it
Step 1. Go To Settings
2. General
3. Profiles & Device Management
Look for the tweak you installed and Verify it
Then you can enjoy you’re new Tweaks & Apps!

If you are Non-Jailbroken though, Apple may revoke some tweaks there’s an easy fix for this all you have to do is delete the app reinstall with Tweakbox and the App will work again, to avoid this complication just Install Anti-Revoke and you’re Apps will never expire
So far all Apps are working for me With & Without Jailbreak Running iOS 11.2.5

If you have Any questions regarding Tweakbox you can follow and DM me on Twitter @


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  1. Thank you for this the Snapchat tweaks are amazing I like how you can disable who views you’re snaps and increase the video length limit to 50 Seconds

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