How to get UNLIMITED Clash of Clans Gems (Gem Hack 2014 NO SURVEY)


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How to get UNLIMITED Clash of Clans Gems (Gem Hack 2014 NO SURVEY)was extracted from


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  1. My youtube account was suspended due to this video, I will still be
    uploading an updated hack although I have to wait for the suspension to

  2. My video has been delayed as it is still client sided. The reason it is
    delayed is that there was a break through and someone was able to create a
    private server and edit the packets. Once I figure out how this works I
    will release it in a video.

  3. I have uploaded the updated file. The All is also
    updated. Everything is in the description, let me know how everything works

  4. so your saying tht if i did this and as soon as i look for an online match
    all the stuff i upgraded with the hack will revert back to where u left off
    like u never did anything?

  5. Thanks for all the support, comments and likes on this video.To show my
    appreciation In the next 2 days 1 or 2 new videos will be uploaded. I will
    try and make an installer and i will also make a video on how to
    root your android device without a computer. Stay tuned and Thank you !

  6. Hi, so you mean that when I spent all of my gems and upgraded everything
    and when I restart the game it will turn everything back to normal like
    nothing happened right?

  7. Alright, i have updated the, Thanks for being patient. The link
    will be up this afternoon. (GMT + 10)

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