How to get unlimited gold bars & candies on Candy Crush FOR FREE


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Free candycrushsagacheatsunlimitedgold is ready for download

How to get unlimited gold bars & candies on Candy Crush FOR FREEwas extracted from


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  1. This is beyond stupidity. Why can't there be a game where you earn something and you have free access to it. Candy crush is really addictive and it's idiotic to pay money for something you earned by playing for it. And now this video teaches to download such and such stuff to get something. Seriously now?!?!

  2. it worked for me to the point of the coins coming up $0 but then when I clicked yes to try and claim the coins it said transaction unsuccessful what could I have done wrong? it does work though just need to make sure you follow the first step of having the data on the game by playing the first level

  3. I Kathy Domanski got logged out of Candy Crush Saga at level 155 how do I get back in as Kathy Domanski.

  4. When I did it, I got all the way to the point of Open Candy Crush and it says Unauthorized Request and won't finish opening – how do I get past that?

  5. I tried doing this for Candy Crush Soda Saga but i keep getting an error saying "Sync Problems!" "Please check your connection, you should receive your purchase shortly." It's weird because Im connected to wifi

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