How to Hack Android Games in BlueStacks with Cheat Engine!


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  1. Get the android emulator called nox, it is just as good as bluestacks, if not better. it comes with a root function so you can just download a cheat engine like apk and use that, it doesn't take nearly as long.

  2. what options do i have to change if cheat engine does not show the values i'm looking for using the method described above?

  3. if you wanted to you could activate the speed option stop the time.
    do a time search then reset it back to 0 at finish line.

  4. Stephen, question (IDK if someone asked you this before, sorry): It might sound stupid since there is not a way to attach a game within Bluestack to get the Address Base, since you have to start from PHYSICAL MEMORY ZERO/dbk64.
    How then, if possible, to do a trainer or .ct file under Bluestack ? Is there any way?
    Before to know your Channel and by accident/chance I managed to get all numbers from game 'D*a*y R' / Bluestack
    (I recommend that game to you, huge map, very challenge+ skills/stuff to build + story, I just let you find out type of mem they use, i believe you already find out which one they don't)
    but boring to do it every single time since it chance by getting out even to the menu, or by being connected (Only did work for me with my network cable unplugged, so no interrumptions/ADs => changes). xD
    And that might be the main reason why some people complaint here about: if you play connected, or need game-server side, then the numbers are in their side, nothing to do about it. At least 'D*a*y R' works for me unplugged, time to time I just plug the cable to get update passively without loading the game (just in case screw my scores so far) and it did update to a new version, new cool stuff, and keep unplugged) xD
    BTW, today I just watched whole +20 of your CE videos from zero, and I learned a lot, since I am a (newbie) fan of CE as well, cool stuff + smooth teacher, right to the point, no crazy music: very pro !!. xP

  5. When i want to buy something , my cheat coins disappears , and back to my real coins condition.Please help:)

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