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  1. Nubisoft should stop trying to make multiplayer games, or hire somebody who understands networking

  2. it worked once…than after that it didnt work anymore everytime I try to change variable the weapon does no damage anymore.

  3. I tried this and the original clip size that the guns holds is the bullets that actually work, same for money. I tried and learned my lesson for attempting to hack this game

  4. It's not a "simple hacking cheat issue." This game is fundamentally broken client side, because it was coded by interns. Also, fuck console ports. This is what we get.

  5. How is it this guy's fault that hacks are so widespread?? It's definitely the developer's fault for overlooking such a basic rule of game design. It seems ridiculous for the servers to trust the client-side on info on variables like these. From a multi-million dollar company, in a $60 AAA game…

  6. U sad cunt u should change it to game glitches for the bitch that cant play. Get a life and job stop spending all yr time in yr mums basement hacking. Mothers cunt

  7. Fuck games up for glory… fuck you … boycott this page.. your fucking trash… unsubscribe….

  8. Guys don't worry about him. He's a fat bearded tosser i expect with no life and no girlfriend. Spends all his time doing this stuff cos he seems to think he will be popular. Probably has type 2 diabetes now which means he will die young so let him have his fun before he dies. Old saying what goes around comes around. He has no family, parents probably embarrassed he survived birth so you gotta feel sorry for him. So let's all give a big hug to him cos he has no one except his internet and porn subscriptions.

  9. This video is from February. Most of this stuff has been fixed, and is now calculated Server-Side.

  10. the fact that there's no mutex and you can just simply access memory values to change them, I'm guessing the devs simply thought they could get lazy and nobody would even think of exploiting the game in this day and age where applications are getting more and more secure.

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