how to hack wep wifi on windows 7

how to hack wep wifi on windows 7

Instructions: Update: if enough of you want me to remake the video with better sound and maybe even a live example post a comment, like a…
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  1. i see this is for wep.. but in your video i see things where wpa is an option.. will this work for wpa2-psk?

  2. No. If the skin looks ugly it’s because the netbook is slow and I removed all the styling, It’s just Windows 7 starter edition.

  3. This doesn’t work with realtek rp-wu5211 wifi adapter the computer says “Your driver is up to date” the button stays gray no matter what i do…. Can someone tell me what program to use for hacking with my adapter ?

  4. wtfi am here at my friend house on how to hack internet connection ho wthe hell iam goin to get thise onmy pc if got no internet dummy

  5. for a weak signal could take 15 or more hours of gathering… just leave it overnight and it should be ok by next day 🙂

  6. 12000ivs, still no crack… Its a weak signal, so maybe in the next 5/6 hours…anyway, thanx…

  7. there’s no set amount, it probably depends on their quality or something but give it around 5-10 hours if it’s a strong signal. if weak it could take 15-20 hrs

  8. it might work better with vista but this particular tutorial is how to make it work on windows 7

  9. Step 8 open the logs with commview… Please explain where/how to open logs? I set up logging on auto-save, and put max directory size on 1000 and avarage log on 100, but when I open LOGS file where it should be saved it is empty… I gathered 50 000 packets so far, do I just have to wait or what? Thanx in advance 🙂

  10. thanks for telling me that…no seriously :,D im pretty glad that backtrack is considered not to be skript kiddie 🙂

  11. I didn’t make the drivers so you can’t say I fail, I’m just the messanger so don’t bother complaining to me go to the source, such as commview for wifi creators (google it)

  12. YOU fail this “hack doesnt have drivers for jack … it has like 4 options… doesnt even suppor linskeys oldschool adapters this is useless

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