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  1. How I learned how to aim is to always be prepared! Don,t aim around any corner for too long until you see the enemy so that you can see the whole view. When you see just a bit of enemy movement, hip drag your view to that position and as you are about to meet the cross hair with the opponent, start aiming and fire. Always keep your gun at chest to head level and if your cross hair is higher than your target, crouch!! (If you can). These things helped me become better in shooters but I still need to learn somethings though.

  2. My way on training my aim is I use a single shot pistol and I try to hit my first shot every time while keeping my aim on them using a single shot pistol that doesn't shoot fast at all forces you to aim better I keep using the pistol tell I'm mostly hitting my target while in a game of players.

  3. to be honest after the most recent update it is finding the right type of gun that suits your playstyle and knowledge. either a fudging bullet hose auto or an ill will. don't go for something that is not fitting the sight lines you like to use. also perfect practice makes perfect. playing someone a little bit better and asking them questions helps too

  4. one problem I have is that I keep fucking pressing L3 by accident when moving and trying to aim, but all it does is make me sprint and suddenly I'm dead because I couldn't look down the sights.

  5. I've been playing Destiny on a lower sensitivity (either 3 or 4) and with kontrol freeks. They really help me to make micro adjustments mid gunfight.

  6. My accuracy with Bad Juju is apparently 34% on Destiny Tracker. Unacceptable! The gun gives me an excuse to get lazy because I can survive wild firing with it. I should really practice with my Last Word or something but I really don't want to sacrifice my K/D or combat rating.

  7. I noticed my aim improved a lot when I started playing claw. Even if you don't want to play claw, I highly recommend looking at right thumb placement on the analog. Claw made me use just the tip of my thumb and I'm fairly sure that's why it helps my accuracy.

  8. hey man been a fan for a bit, wow i am an idiot i just recognized your name from the game
    legend of dragoon lol.. that was an awesome game for its time, keep up these great improve your self destiny videos..

  9. wow your one of the few subscribes that I know who actually know what their talking about. I have a 0.9 k/d meaning am a scrub and am trying to improve my overall play in destiny to try go flawless with my team mates who are better than me but I drag them down so much. I was wondering if I could send my game play towards you and you can analysis what I do wrong and what i should try improve on on my overall game play. I would really appreciate it as destiny is quickly becoming a frustrating game for me as I watch tons of video on how to improve but relatively I don't see much improvement in my overall game play. who knows you could make a YouTube video and talk through with what am doing wrong which I think would do wonders for people like me. in that way scrubs like me would relate.

  10. one thing that has helped me a lot (after having decent snap accuracy) is honestly using the right stick as little as possible to aim and really only using it to compensate for recoil, helps me from over compensating for the opponents strafe!

  11. What about tracking in cqc shotty engagements. I feel overwhelmed at times when me and a player are in a tight area and everyone starts jumping with shottys lol

  12. once you change your sensitivity go into atleast ten strikes with guns you use for pvp so you know how fast it moves and you get used to it alot easier. n u wont get as mad as if u were destroying ur kd in pvp

  13. I learned a really cool trick on YouTube. I forgot who it was from but i was told to get a sticky note and cut it where all you have is a tiny little circle. Aim down your sites in the game like a sniper or scout rifle and place it on the center of your crosshairs. This was a tip to help you quick and no scoop enemies with a sniper but it works wonders with other guns two. It's so simple of a trick but its so helpful to zoom in and out of engagements with absolute precision.

  14. I'm new to watching your channel and I have to say, I really like your stuff! I appreciate how well thought out and articulate you are. This guide actually brought to attention some things I've never thought of before!

  15. Doing pve bounties I try to snap to targets and only get critical kills….probably go through 200-300 ads just getting weekly bounties done so lots of repetition

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