How to install Cemu 1.7.4 Cracked! and botw rom!


FileSize: 26 MB

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How to install Cemu 1.7.4 Cracked! and botw rom!was extracted from


  1. Someone put a dislike bot on this video XD. don't worry tho, look at all of these comments in here 😊

  2. how can i link my ps3 controller to cemu as you did with your xbox controller???

  3. I can start the game and select new game or continue in the menu but if it loads the game I either get stuck at the white screen when she says "open your eyes" or i get stuck in the loading screen. I can hear Link running and jumping if I klick some buttons but all I can see is the loading screen.
    pls help 🙁

  4. Can anyone help it says unable to communicate with the Wii U game pad please check the gamepad screen. Is there anyway I can use mouse and keyboard

  5. and when i try to download latest version of cheat engine it shows virus any links which dont have virus

  6. Got a big issue, seems like MediaFire won't allow me to download the folder cause there are too many files in it.


  7. what is a ".torrent" file and how do I open it with winrar. If i turn it into a .rar file, and then open them, inside it says that it is a .torrent file

  8. Thank you for the game, i have do all what you did, but my game is like 4fps all the time even if i have a good pc :/

  9. thnx mate, its working for me now, and with cheat engine on the background it is very playable!!

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