How to install Civilization 5 – SKIDROW torrent ISO file


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  1. +Kirara Kurokawa ok? Calling me that because My icon is a photo of one of
    my favorite games I didnt know I had to update my timeline to your

  2. could you make a guide on how to play online with a torrented version?
    would be great!

  3. When I get On Civilization It Says That I’m Player Attack On Pearl Harbor
    Demo, On steam. Therefore, It won’t let me play Online with my friends.

  4. Everytime I try and move the files it just says there isn’t any room in the
    Civ 5 folder….what do?

  5. I don’t have an image to mount? I can’t find the iso file anywhere that he
    used. Someone help? I even torrented it again but it’s not there.

  6. man….. let me tell onde thing to you…. GOD BLESSED YOU!!! finaly i will
    play this game!! thank you so much for your tutorial!! thanks boy!!!! hugs

  7. Might help but there is another program called PowerISO and it does the
    same thing as alcohole 120% or daemon tools

  8. well the fascists removed pirate bay so this wont work if your in England,
    I guess there are ways round it but I don’t know how to do that shit

  9. I just want to share with you guys that the mount process is OPTIONAL! you
    dont need all the disks and stuff to run this, just download winrar and
    open the iso file using it, when you get to that bit just click installer
    then voila!

  10. last time i got it from nosteam i think there more reliable couse all u do
    is install it and it works

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