How to Install Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition + Save Game and Language Fix


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Free dyinglightthefollowingenhancededitioncorepac is ready for download

How to Install Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition + Save Game and Language Fixwas extracted from


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  1. hey man … i have dying light 1.6.0 and i want to update my game to the last version
    i don't want to install the full game with dlc again
    can i have update link or something that can help me ?

  2. Hey man .. your video is awesome but there is one thing I couldn't figured it out which I didn't know what name I shall put when I I change it in the steam file .. you put yours, is that your computer user name or what ? How do I know mine ?? Please help !

  3. Cannot write in game folder.You dont have write permission.Any idea how t fix this?Tried everything from compability to give permissions on everything t every1 on my pc still doesnt work 🙁

  4. Hey ! When I modify the files in the steam_api and I want to save, it tells me: Acces is Denied. What can I do please?

  5. hey tiago i have a cracked gog dyinglight from skidr and i want to download a saved game can u help me out

  6. Bro i have Dying light enchanced edition – reloaded and it works perfectly, just how can i install be the zombie and some outfits witch i don't have

  7. 1. install Dying Light – The Following
    2. Play
    3. exit game
    4. open dying light again
    5. My Saved program Is GONE!!

    Any Solution ?

  8. I bought this game in steam but refunded it lol. I still have the files though. Would it work if I only copy the crack file and replace my game? Where exactly is the crack or do I need to download all?

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