How to install Fitgirl THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: BREATH OF THE WILD – V1.1.0 + CEMU V1.7.3D


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How to install Fitgirl THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: BREATH OF THE WILD – V1.1.0 + CEMU V1.7.3Dwas extracted from


  1. Can someone help me out? I can hear Zeldas voice normally at the start and I can walk around and all, but the screen is completely black. All I can see are the hearts at the top and the movement controls at the bottom. Help pleaseeee


    whenever i whistle the horse keep running straight forward faraway. not coming in link

  3. When it reaches 30% it says dont worry if it looks stuck and the time dosent lower or anything it just gains time elapsed

  4. hi, friend thank you for uploading such a great video. I appreciate you. but it does not work on my pc, it shows start error at 17.4 % please help me if you can.

  5. thanks man , i have win 10 and the game do the isdone.dll error everytime im tyring to installed ,but now thanks to your vid i knew how to install the game correctly 🙂

  6. CEMU 1.7.4 came out on the 9th – so anyone experiencing any in-game issues should download that. It fixes alot of them. Still FPS issues here and there though and its not perfect.

  7. says I am unable to extract the right stuff or the data is somehow corrupted on the rom side of things

  8. I don't really understand. Why do you have to install Breath of the Wild at all? Shouldn't it be as simple as a wud file for Cemu to run?

  9. how do i change the resolution of the game,can't find it in the graphicpacks folder

  10. The Gamer's Territorio Whenever the installation reaches 26.8%, i get a error message "failed to open archive in IS7zip extract". Do u have any idea why this happens?

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