How To Install Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) – Sinker – Tutorial (With Links)

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  1. guys big news we can play it online by fivem and so many new scripts for multiplayer but no missions it's okay cus we are getting this game for free so get it 😀 and can U tell me I can install update 5 in sinker GTAV please tell I waited 15 hrs to get that so please guys Thx 😀 peace

  2. my friend downloaded this game and i am left frustrated, left the installation for almost 11Hours it says an error i clicked "OK" then the installation was stopped! i was like in the 89% of the installation, -.-

  3. how to fix problem fail to create key softwarewow6432noderockstar gamegrand theft auto v and error no launcher

  4. when i onen setup.exe and start installation when it reaches 21.5 percent many hours pass by and nothin happens it does not go ahead 21.5 percent why???

  5. So I downloaded the game it was 65 GB And in the end of the installation it asked me for data7.bin

  6. E brt instaliro sam Grand Theft Auto V DLC RePack MULTi11-RG Mechanics i sve dobro radi i pred zavrsetak prve misije izbaci me iz igre,znas mozda do cega je?

  7. I have a fucking problem,a dll problem (MF.dll) I download the DirectX and all for it,but it doesn't help.I download the game eternity site,but fucking don't help.Older (2015.6.xx) game is run,and I playing,I download the R.G Mechanics version,but now everywhere game typing MF.dll,and I say okay,I download the mf.dll and I copy,and pasted the game folder,but it's don't help..PLEEEASEE HEEEELP MEEE I have windows 7 it's problem?
    Sorry for bad speak,but I am hungaryan…

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