How to Install Mods for Payday 2 (Updated 2017)


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  1. If someone doesnt get the blt thing when you start the game, i found a solution in another videos comment section, i will copy and paste it here

    "Hey! I know how to fix it (if you haven't already). Go to and scroll down to "requirements." There, it says, "You’ll also need the x86 version of the 2013 Visual C++ Runtime." Click on the words "x86 version" and it will download it for you. Hope this helps!

    Edit: Another solution you should probably try first is downloading it from Github for the updated version. Go to and click on" I hope it helps, the second one worked for me.

  2. I want to install the FULL COLORED CAMERA mod,, but its .pdmods file,, dont know dow to install it,, can you help me! plz!!

  3. Can anyone make an OP mod for the interceptor 45 Akimbo? Thats my fav weapon to use because of all the skill upgrades in the trees. I want it to have a silencer but one that is internal and super silent, but still have the long slides that increase power, accuracy, etc..

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