How To Install Mods For XCOM 2

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  1. If you create the "mods" folder and then copy the mod into that folder, but it doesn't show up when you run the launch, what you should do is, open all the folders that the mod is in and then cut the last folder and paste it in the folder called "mods" in this location C:R.G. CatalystXCOM 2XComGameMods

  2. Hello, you've done a wonderful job with the tutorial and all but I have a question…after adding the "Mods" folder and then doing the Modlauncher….I then hit the XCOM 2 executable on my desktop and then I wait….then it says XCOM 2 has stopped working. XCOM 2 will work again once I remove the "Mod" folder I added. Can you help me out on what i'm missing?

  3. because I did not know what to do, you've helped me so much now I can play with mods of all kinds
    THANK YOU!!!

  4. I have a folder of "stop wasting my time" mod to install, where do I move this folder so that the mods will work?

  5. I have a bit of a problem here. I got the mods in the launcher, I check them and I launch XCOM 2 from the normal icon, but the mods aren't in the game. They do appear in the launcher, but not in game. I did everything you did in the video. Some help please?

  6. is there a way to get mods from steam workshop for cracked version??

    I don't wonna buy the game until they get some bugs fixed first :/

  7. 9/10 guide short and effective, just add note for selecting mods in that launcher than start game from normal icon tip since it shows error when trying to launch from mod launcher

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