How to Install Player Face Packs | Football Manager 2019/2020 Tutorial


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  1. I have put my faces in the graphics/faces folder, I checked the right boxes and reloaded the skin. I still don't have the faces I should have, while in the graphics/faces folder I have about 122.000 pictures. Do you have any idea how to this could be?

  2. I can't get either 7zip or winrar to unpack the file. it shows a folder, but it contains 0 fotos of players… why is that?

  3. Why does'nt it work for me? It worked just fine with logos and kits, and I did it the same way with faces, 'clear cache' ticked the right boxes and all, but the faces won't show in the game?

  4. Hi mate,

    Followed the guide exactly for both logos and faces. For some reason the faces do not load. Even after refreshing the cache. Used the download for passion4fm, unzipped it and put in 'faces' inside 'graphics' and no luck?

  5. Why did I lose all my default faces in like league 1/2 …. how can I get those back awhile adding the news ones too it

  6. Move the extracted folder "DF11 Megapack" to:

    Regular FM:

    DocumentsSports InteractiveFootball Manager 2019graphicsfaces

    FM Touch:

    DocumentsSports InteractiveFootball Manager Touch 2019graphicsfaces

    Create the folders "graphics" and "faces" if they don't exist.

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