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  1. +TheWantcha Sorry I did’nt got u there.Ur saying while the game is being
    saved it forces u to the main menu of the game?I have’nt faced such problem
    yet as of now.

  2. +TheWantcha Do this for changing the game language-Open ur game directory
    whr u installed the game and using NOTEPAD (as ADMIN) file
    ThiefBinariesWin64 or Win32steam_api.ini
    and change value Language=english in
    Language=yourlanguage.If u still face any problem tell me!

  3. Thanks a lot it works but when i press play it gives me a black screen then
    closes…could it be since i have windows 8.1?
    (never mind i fixed it had to run as administrator great guide 🙂 )

  4. +SteveDesu Try running it as admin and make sure u have blocked ur game exe
    in ur windows firewall settings.Hope I helped :)

  5. guys help me does this game need steam to play? because whenever i open
    Thief’s client, automaticaly it opens my steam client

  6. +whyliveonthisplanet I also ran into the same problem. Running it as admin
    fixed for me too :)

  7. +DesiredHeadshot Good to know.I was also planning on getting the game but
    gotta save money since dark souls 2 and dying light are coming later this
    month.I plan to do a walkthrough series on my for these games.Be sure to
    look out on my channel and u may subscribe if u want.PEACE :)

  8. +iloudioum Good to know I was also planning on buying the game but it
    does’nt semmed worth my hard earned money :)

  9. +iloudioum No u don’t need to install steam client just install like I did
    and copy the crack to installation directory.Hope I solved ur query :)

  10. +GablerGraphics Download it from piratebay as a torrent.Try searching Thief
    Reloaded on piratebay and download it.U should get an iso file like I
    have.Rest follow the procedure in the video.Hope I helped :)

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