How to Install World of Tanks mods (Slightly outdated) (Works for 8.6)


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  1. I sucked at the Quick Tutorial thing at this point. If you don’t like it,
    go somewhere else.

  2. Thank you very much for replying. I tried to download ‘AGQJ Sound Mod
    [8.5]’ for my WOT version 8.6 but that did not work. If you know of any
    update from ‘AGQJ Sound Mod’ for version WOT 8.6, I would be grateful for
    the information. Many thanks.

  3. It is perfectly legal as really all it does is change what the crosshair
    looks like. You wont get in any trouble for using this mod.

  4. Is JimBo’s Crosshair Mod legal or not? I have used it in the past. Now that
    WOT has latest version 8.6, I have to put in the Mod again. I never knew
    that it these Mods may be illegal. So is this Mod legal or not? Thanks.

  5. Don’t like it, don’t watch it. Simple as that. You don’t need to display
    your opinion of something completely off topic.

  6. well, for the NA servers that I am currently on, the 8.6 patch has not yet
    been released, although it will be in the next few days. If I do find the
    mod once the patch has been released, I will be sure to send you a PM.

  7. I downloaded WoT off of the website and it didnt set up any type of folders
    or anything like in this video.. What do I do?

  8. Thanks for uploading this really helped me out. Would you be able to do a
    video on how to download skins and remodels of tanks? Thanks again for the

  9. oh god another minecraft fan, you are spreading like a plague of rats.
    spent 5 minutes pissing around the desktop with the cursor.

  10. Curse is a good source and I have not come across a virus in my time there.
    You should be just fine.

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