How to InstallMetal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain CorePack

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  1. current pirated version won't work for AMD II Phenom or any AMD cpu's
    anyone succeeded installing on AMD CPU, do share..

  2. mine opens up with a box saying get the latest cracks at exc……then it opens up the game but stays on a white screen..any ideas

  3. bro is wait must wait for so long cause the administration part taking me lots of time almost 2 hours bro and still not finished

  4. guys i hope you can help me my antivirus removed the launcher of my mgsvtpp i need the crack only please help me on this one! i have gotten so far on that game i cant afford to re install it and do it all over again

  5. Plez help meh, got blue scream of death, sparks and smoke is comin from my pc. Plez how do I solve this!?

  6. The installation process always stalled when it reached the part with the CMD windows. Multiple instances of the said CMD windows appear and when I click the close button on the last and final one, I'm greeted with another message stating something about a "MSVCP" and "MSVCR" being missing. I really don't know what to do. Any help regarding this would be highly appreciated!

  7. Doesn't work for me, both V.1 & V.2 cracks. Says freaking steam is offline!
    Any ideas?
    I tried all the usual, changing time to UTC+8 etc. No joy

    Win10 • AMD Phenom II x 6 • 8GB ram

  8. When you exit the game and come back, there is no save data corruption ou any error of this kind(unable to save data)? can i play the entire game without these errors?

  9. I had the seyter repack but there was a virus in it and not just a false positive. I started getting data corruption and my desktop icons started resetting to medium size on every reboot. I saw this versions torrent today and it looks like the seyter repack was removed from the listing. How long have you tested this version?

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