1. Ha, it’s amazing isn’t it. Something so simple can really work. It’s not
    like you have to download anything.

  2. im trying to d=find out a way to go on 2 accounts same world 1 computer at
    the same time mybe i well and if u want to kno mesage me.

  3. u ppl r so dum heads u don’t need to browser to login to 2 accounts just
    use 1 this kid is mentel try wat im telling you. open up firefox then get 2
    tabs on it then go onto runescape on both of the tabs but u can cant log
    in in the same world jagex is not dum.even if u use to browser and u don’t
    need 2 diff browser to log in to 2 accounts at same time. maybe i helped
    maybe not.

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