1. Trololol it work for me down speed 0.1 kb/s to 80 kb/s
    upload speed 1.0 kb/s to 36.0 kb/s lol

  2. make the value 0.9 then u can see ur speed increased like 10 or 20 percent and if u put the value 0.1 or something then its just showing a great speed but fake.
    for me ce works in 0.9 and its gud.try it.sorry for bad english

  3. Dude! this sucks! i checked the task manager (ctrl+alt+del) for incoming data. bit torrent spurted up to 1mb but task manager says that 20kbps is going in. check it guys and thumbs up if anyone agree that this is a fake.

  4. No, you THINK it is downloading faster, but think about this. Your torrent application updates your progress/speed every second. Now, if you change it to update over longer periods of time via a speed hack, we’ll set the speed to 0.1, then it would update every 10 seconds, and the progress/speed would show how much data has been transferred over that extended period of time, which at 0.1 speed is every 10 seconds.

  5. its nt working..it just show the amazing speed…but…at least i cn see 1xxkb/s thn 10-20kbs..lol..

  6. mate thanks soo much i did have it kinda quick at about 400 to 500 kb/s now it is going at about 1.2 to 1.5 MB/s trust him people it works

  7. woot i was downloading with 5-6-7 mb/s and now im downloading with 6,4kb/s thank you very much!!!!

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